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Submission Guidelines
Traditional Foil/Embossing/Die Cutting

When Sending Layouts Electronically:

  • Please email layouts either in PDF or “AI” EPS formats ONLY.*
  • Email Files/Layouts to: Jeffrey Cole, Tracy Cole and/or Maryann Cole.
  • FAX Layouts (for reference purposes ONLY) to (860) 528-8555
  • Ship Files/Layouts to:
    C&T Print Finishing, Inc.
    67 Commerce Way
    South Windsor, CT 06074

Submission Guidelines
JetVarnish 3DS with IFOIL Unit

  • Minimum sheet size is 9” W X 12” L
  • Maximum sheet size is 14 W” X 40 L”
  • Minimum sheet thickness is 6 pt (0.15 mm)
  • Maximum sheet thickness is 18 pt (0.45 mm)
  • Tiny font sizes, and text that is close together, should be avoided for best foil adherence
  • UV adheres well to coated paper, some laminated stocks and plastic stocks
  • In order to allow for the most accurate price quoting, an art file should be provided during the quoting process showing where foil and/or UV will be applied and the size of the area
  • File submissions should include an IMPOSED print file (including all print/images contained on the printed sheet and should match the size of the printed sheet and number up). The print file should have spot color separation where UV/foil will go.
  • The pdf file should be a high resolution art file (360 dpi)
  • Files should be editable in case C&T needs to slightly increase a font size to obtain foil adherence (*no changes will be made to a job without prior Customer approval)
  • When a print file is not provided, or when we are printed on blank stock, our scanner can only register to the outside edges of the printed sheet. Therefore, all stock must be square on all four corners. If it is not square, the UV/foil will not register completely accurately. Printing register marks on blank sheets before sending would significantly help to register accurately. This will also insure a better registration when die cutting, trimming and/or over printing on a
    conventional press with a side guide and gripper edge.
  • Art files should be zipped and submitted via email when possible.
  • While jobs can be handled and stacked immediately, C&T strongly suggests a minimum wait time of 24 hours after run to fully cure UV varnish and perform any further finishing work on the job (i.e., cutting).
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