Embossing & Debossing

Fine embossing is like sculpture in paper: rendering bold, corporate images or impressionistic forms of equal beauty–and lasting value. Embossing (above the surface) and debossing (below the surface) bring art forms of intaglio and bas-relief carvings to paper. Used alone or in combination with other processes, such as foil stamping and ink, embossed/debossed images help define print finishing as a true art form.

C&T works with the highest quality die makers in the industry to create multi-level and sculptured brass embossing dies, as well as single level copper foil dies.

Embossing and Debossing Services - South Windsor, CT
CT Print Finishing - Embossing Services

Add Dimension & Texture

Embossing adds dimension and texture to the printed word or image: creating power, excitement and drama out of a piece of paper. Multinational corporations and small design studios alike use C&T’s embossed images to communicate on behalf of themselves and their clients–and more cost-effectively than you may think.

C&T embossing: the effect is priceless–the cost is affordable! Put the power of C&T’s fine embossing and debossing to work for you, too.

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