Communication is Key

When it comes to a timely and quality finished product – communication is key. The best way to prepare jobs is to contact C&T before beginning production. Even long-established customers regularly seek our advice. Avoid unnecessary costs and delays by consulting with C&T in advance. C&T consults FREE in these and other critical job prep areas:

  • Stock: Customers should be aware of the suitability or limitations of intended paper stock(s) regarding each print finishing process involved. C&T can help suggest alternates to achieve desired results.
  • Spoilage: Each finishing process adds a spoilage factor to be reflected in the total quantity delivered.

Other Important Items

Submit High Resolution Imposed PDF in ADVANCE of production.

**FOR MGI JOBS SEE File Submission Requirements PAGE**

Use WAX-FREE Inks and/or coatings when Foil Stamping or embossing is required. Make sure that all varnishes used do NOT contain wax additives.

Job Submission Requirements - C&T Print Finishing
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Consultations Are Always Free

In today’s fast paced printing and print finishing industry, it is even more important to allow the time necessary for inks and coatings to dry thoroughly in order for the finishing effects to work properly. For best results, consult with C&T regarding different inks, varnishes and coatings prior to job drop-off to insure that the appropriate foil is ordered for the job.

Following these guidelines will help C&T to complete your job right the first time and will reduce expenses as a result of errors.

Do not hesitate to contact C&T with any questions you have about preparing your job or files for submission.

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